Relationship Rescue for Wives and Girlfriends of Internet Pornography Addicts

Pornography Addiction - How to Set Boundaries - Part 1


It really is true. We teach others how to treat us.

What is a boundary?  How can you develop effective boundary making?  How do you communicate 
them?  Many women who are in relationships with men who have problems with porn face these 

Simply stated, boundaries define who we are and what we stand for: our values, beliefs, standards.
Boundaries protect you from undesirable behavior; they also create a base for introducing behaviors 
you want in your life.  If you don't set boundaries you are giving him free license to do whatever he 
wants. The first step in setting effective boundaries is to be still and ask yourself what you want and 
need to have a happy, secure and fulfilling relationship. If it helps write these down.


The next piece of advice PAH can give you is to define what actionable steps someone could take to make your wants a reality. You are not creating a 'must do' list for someone, rather you are putting together ideas for a future conversation. No one is a mind reader. What would each of your wants look like broken down?
I want to feel loved and cherished:

This is somewhat of a fun exercise...until you get the third example in the above list. What would it look like to you to know that your partner is not looking at porn? What would this be in terms of actionable steps?
I want to know that my partner is not looking at porn.

Don't read any further. Pick up a pen and write down what you need from your partner in order for 
you to be assured that you have a porn-free relationship. When you are finished move onto Part Two.

Setting Boundaries Part 2

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